Sunday, 22 July 2018

Hempz - The Pink Pomelo And Himalayan Sea Salt Collection

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I hope you are well & having a good week.
This week truly flying by! I don't know where time is going...

One of my favourite beauty brands is Hempz!
Hempz beauty produce 100% organic products using Hemp seed oil. All their products are paraben & gluten free, drug free & not tested on animals. They also smell amazing & leave your skin & hair feeling so good!  I literally cannot get enough of the brand.

They have recently brought out a new collection which is simply perfect for the summer we are having! The Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt. It is enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil just like the rest of their products.

The Pink Pomelo is a vitamin C rich fruit which is well known for boosting collagen production, helping to even skin tone & protect from environmental damage. 

This collection consists of 3 products:

Herbal Foaming Body Wash*
It is a lightweight foam which turns into a rich creamy lather with a gentle cleanser. Which helps to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth & nourished. You simply:

*Pump the right amount into your palm
*Massage it on to your wet skin & rinse off

Herbal Body Moisturiser*
It is a delicate but rich creamy formula which helps add hydration to your skin & nourish it. It is perfect for applying straight out of the bath/shower.

Herbal Body Salt Scrub*
It is a exfoliator which helps condition your skin at the same time. It is packed with Pink Pomelo extract & sea moisture complex which consists of Red Algae, Sea water, Shea Butter & Vitamins A, C & E. It is perfect for scrubbing your body with & helping keep it smooth & nourished. 

I am such a lover of this collection now I have to say I am sold! It smells unreal & leaves your skin feeling so soft & nourished.

You can find them at:

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Love Lottie xox

*These items were gifted products to me to try & review from a PR company.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

New Skin Care Favourites

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well?

So as always I have been trying out some new skin care products which I thought I had to share with you. 

Firstly I will start with Being by Sanctuary Spa. I was lucky enough to be invited to one of their events but unfortunately couldn't go due to the event being on a weekday evening & being in London. It is annoying cos event wise I do tend to miss out working full time. But anyway that's life I'm still lucky enough to do what I do. 

Being by Sanctuary Spa have recently brought out new face masks which I have fallen in love with! There is literally a mask to suit everyone. Whether you looking for something to soothe, revive or hydrate your skin.

There 5 masks in total:
*The sassy soothing one 
*The jiggly jam one 
*The zingy iridescent one 
*The clear refreshing one 
*The smooth comforting one 

I got to try the:

Cloudberry exfoliating jam face mask*
It is loaded with berry seeds & green tea extracts which help to gently buff & recharge dull skin. Leaving it with a clear, fresh skin look. You simply leave it on for 15 minutes then gently buff you skin & rinse the mask off with warm water.

Then a different product I got was:

Salted Caramel & Macadamia body mist spray*
Which like you would expect being salted caramel it is a sweet almost like vanilla scent. I always find body mists are great to take on holiday & also to carry in your bag with you so you can always smell good.

Being By Sanctuary are available at:

The other product I want to talk to you about is from a brand Samaya. Who are a all natural skincare brand which target everyone's different dosha (Vata, Pitta or Kapha)& what you wish to achieve with your skin's results. After carrying out a dosha quiz I found that my dosha was Pitta. Which when reading the paragraph it leaves you with at the end was so true to me from my characteristics & also skin type, etc. 

The product I got to try was a product which I use everyday in my daily skin care routine, cleanser. 

A cleanser* is a great way to provide hydration while cleansing & purifying the skin. The Samaya is packed with botanicals such as Jasmine, Neem, Lotus, Tumeric, Saffron & others. It melts into your skin to help remove any make up & impurities leaving your skin feeling balanced, purified & soft.

It is easy to use as part of your daily skin routine:
*Massage the cleanser into dry skin
*Rinse off with warm water or a muslin cloth

The packaging was something that stood out to me of this product also. It comes in a cardboard tube, which you remove the top to reveal the glass bottle of cleanser. 

You can find out more about Samaya at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

*These items were gifted products to me to try & review from a PR company.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Sweet Dreams With Feather And Down

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well & having a good week.

Previously I have posted a couple of times about a brand called Feather & Down.

Feather & Down sell a range of products such as bath, body & home fragrances which were created to help us to sleep. Their products are blended with lavender & chamomile as these have calming ingredients to help relax the mind & help the body to unwind. All to help give a restful night sleep. Not only that but they are made in England. Which as you know I love supporting British brands!

However recently they have brought out 4 brand products! They have extended their best sellers & brought out a breathe well pillow spray & breathe well bath essence. Which helps to encourage a restful nights sleep. The products contain eucalyptus, peppermint & tea tree to give it that breathe cool & well sense. They are also blended with Lavender & Chamomile oils to help aid relaxation. 

The other new products they have brought out are a travel set which includes the popular pillow spray which was crowned the best new health & wellbeing product at the beauty awards with OK in 2017, plus a mini melting shower cream, a new relaxing roller ball & mini sleep butter. Which all come in a sealed clear bag, perfect for travelling!

Then lastly is the new perfect partners set which includes a duo of the hero pillow spray & relaxing roller ball. Which again is ideal for your hand luggage when travelling. 

The two products I got to try were my favourite ones from the last products of their's that I tried:

Breathe Well Pillow Spray *
*Spray it on your pillow & let it help aid you to a better nights sleep

Breathe Well Bath Essence*
*Pour an amount into a relaxing bath & let it help you get that better nights sleep

You can find Feather & Down products at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

*These items were gifted products to me to try & review from a PR company.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Stylpro Original Review

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well & having a fab week.

It less than 2 weeks till I go on holiday now to Greece & I am super excited! I cannot wait to have a break & get away from here for a while & clear my head. It is definitely needed.

I have been eying up the Stylpro* for a while now. I have seen several other bloggers use it & I saw it when I went to Pro beauty in London at the beginning of the year & toyed with the idea. But I never brought it. So when I was approached by a PR company that I work with to try it. I snapped it up! 

There is nothing more tedious & time consuming than clearing your make up brushes right? But it's one of those jobs you have to do because its hygienic & can give you bad skin. So I try to banish out anything that can cause that. So I try to clean my brushes as often as I can.

I have recently tried using a make up cleaner soap block from make up revolution & I have to say I was impressed with that! It left my brushes so clean & smelling fresh. Foundation brushes can be such a pain to get clean simply because they always seem to get the dirtiest. But the worst part is waiting for them to dry. I can leave them by the window to air & still the next day they are wet. 

So when I heard that the Stylpro not only cleans your brushes but dries them I really was sold! What girl wouldn't be right?

The Stylpro make up brush cleaner was invented by Tom Pellereau who was the winner of the apprentice. The kit contains:

*8 flexible silcone collars (30mm,24mm,19mm,15mm,11mm,9mm,7mm,5mm)
*Stylpro device
*2 x AAA batteries
*Tritan unbreakable bowl neck & collar
*2 x 10ml Stylpro make up brush cleaner sachets

I found it so easier to use! & it really does do what it says on the label it cleans & dries your brushes in seconds!

*Remove the small plastic battery tab & that the batteries are correctly inserted

*Ensure the 8 silicone collars are on the base

*Select a brush thinking of whether it is water soluble/not?

*Select the best fitting collar & push the brush firmly into the collar

*Push the collar into the handle, the square hole.

*Fill the bowl:

-For water soluble make up e.g blusher/bronzer/powder) squeeze a small amount of anti bacterial soap into the bowl & add water to the bowl until it it half the height of the brush

-For non soluble make up e.g foundation, add 10ml-20ml of Stylpro make up brush cleanser depending on the brush size. Ensure the cleanser is less than half the height of the brush

*Dunk the brush into the liquid up & down

*Work liquid into the bristles & repeat for 5 seconds

*After 5 seconds gently push the brush down in the bowl & switch on the Stylpro. The brush will spin rapidly. Slowly move the brush up & down for 10 seconds

*After 10 seconds lift the spinning brush out of the liquid. Leave it out of it spinning for 10 seconds

*If after this time the brush it not as dry as you like it repeat the last step

It may sound abit technical but I can do it anyone can. It is super easy!

You can buy yours at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

*These items were gifted products to me to try & review from a PR company.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Uber Sonic

Hello Everyone,

So it has been like forever & a day since I have actually bothered to post. Not only on here & also on the likes of my Instagram. I don't know why but recently I have seemed to have lacked in motivation. I couldn't really tell you why either to be honest. Things haven't been awful but you know what it's like life gets in the way sometimes & shuts you down.

To me keeping your teeth as healthy, clean & white is so important. It is true what they say one of the first things you notice about someone is their smile! So having the best looking teeth as possible is very important in my eyes.

I have tried many beauty products when it comes to teeth whitening. I've tried whitening kits, charcoal products, special toothpastes. You name it I have tried it!

So when I come across a brand called Uber Sonic I had to give them a go. Uber Sonic offer a start pack for £19 which includes their Uber Sonic toothbrush & free gel teeth whitening kit with your first refill pack! Then 6 times a year for £9 a package (with free delivery) with 2 refills. So you can fresh refills delivered to your door & free teeth whitening & a Uber Sonic toothbrush every year to replace yours! It isn't like most companies you aren't tied into a contract so you can cancel it at any time.

The toothbrush to me is not like most other rechargeable toothbrushes this one is so lightweight & normally I have found them quite heavy & bulky. The toothbrush is:

*Made out of flight grade aluminium
*Ultra sonic movements
*Led indicators
*Long lasting battery
*Soft charging cable
*Gives you whiter teeth by removing stains 
*35000 movements per minute removing plaque 
*Unique designed bristles, great for sensitive cleaning
*Dentist approved

The whitening kit comes with 2 mouth trays & 2 gel's.
I have used these before & they are super easy to use & are said to make your teeth up to 10 shades whiter. The gel you simply apply evenly to the mouth trays, place the trays in your mouth & leave them in to the said amount of time. Once you have done this, simply take the trays out & rinse out your mouth. It literally is that simply!

I think this service is such a great idea! Not only that but you are getting them delivered to your door, it's great value for money! You cannot find many decent rechargeable toothbrushes for £19. Especially when not only that but you are sent teeth whitening packs to keep your teeth looking whiter than ever.

You can sign up at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

Monday, 14 May 2018

Pureplex Hair Care

Hello everyone!

I hope you are well & had a lovely weekend?

Previously on one of my blog posts I have spoke about a hair care brand that I started using Knight & Wilson. I was impressed with the quality & affordability of it.  So when I saw they had brought out a dupe of the celebrities favourite Olaplex. I had to give it a try!

The Pureplex range covers a shampoo, conditioner & 10 new bond reconstruction colour cream shades.

Pureplex Shampoo & conditioner* has been designed for daily use to help damaged, coloured & highlighted or chemically treated hair. It is formulated with Aminofix bond reconstruct or, which is a sulphate free shampoo which helps the hair’s natural structure rebuild & also protects it from harm in the future, It restores the hair & strengthens it to help improve your hairs quality.

The shampoo is packed with Shea butter, argan oil (one of my favourites) & Panthenol to help nourish & hydrate your hair. It also helps to lock in your hair colour & contains UV filters.

Our hair is made up of Keratin which is a protein composed of amino acids. When colouring & lightening the proteins can be destroyed, which weakens the hair structure & causes breakage. The Aminofix bond technology replaces the lost amino acids & helps to rebuild the hair’s natural keratin structure.

All you do is use the shampoo & conditioner as part of your daily hair care routine as you would your usual hair care products. Apply the shampoo to wet hair & gently massage it in, rinse thoroughly & then towel dry your hair. Then apply the conditioner leave it on for a minute & then rinse thoroughly.

You can find the range in Superdrug for just £7.99 each, the colour shades are also £7.99 each. They also do a hair treatment which is £12.99.

You can find them at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

*These items were gifted products to me to try & review from a PR company.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Scent And Co

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well & had a fab weekend.
I have less than a week left at my current job then I am moving on to something different! I have worked where I have for like 8 years so for me this is going to be a bit of change but something that I need. 

I am a HUGE lover of perfume. I have always had such a soft spot for it. I cannot tell you how many perfumes I have. But it's one of those things where you can never have too many right? I tend to keep my more expensive ones for weekend's or special uses & use more high street cost fragrances for everyday use like work.

Trying out a fragrance I have always found difficult because you literally only get a spray & you don't get to actually try what it's like. 

So Scent & Co have come up with something great!

Scent & Co is a monthly subscription where you get to discover a new fragrance every month! Which I think is brilliant!

All you do is browse over 450 premium fragrances from the likes of:

*Tom Ford
*Viktor & Rolf
*Ted Baker
*Hugo Boss

& many other designers. For you to try. Once you have chose a fragrance you let Scent & Co know what you have picked or you can let them hand pick a fragrance for you to try. You then get sent out a month's supply (10ml) size of your chose through your letter box. 

The perfume comes in a perfect travel casing. Which you twist the base & the perfume appears. It is so handy for carrying around in your bag with you or even just taking this on holiday rather than a full size perfume.

This month I picked of Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb.

I have always wanted to try it as a few of my friends have it & have said what a gorgeous fragrance it is. I have to say I am so glad I chose it! It is such a gorgeous fragrance & could easily become one of my favourites. 

You can sign up to Scent & Co at:

Also if you use the discount code:
& get 15% off your first order

Take Care
Love Lottie xox