Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Beauty Stocking Filler Idea's

Hello Everyone, 

So we can definitely say now that Christmas is nearly here! 
Where the hell has time gone?! I just can't believe how quick Christmas has come round & where this whole year has gone.

I have been looking lately at the best kind of stocking fillers fro Christmas. Stocking fillers are the perfect way of giving a beauty lover a stocking full of lots of little beauty pieces. Who wouldn't love that right?

So I am going to give you some perfect beauty stocking filler ideas!

I had never smelt the Missguided fragrance until I got this & I have to say I am in love with the scent! It is a sweet smell just like candy floss. Plus this is the perfect size to carry around in your handbag & top up on the go. It also comes in a gorgeous rose gold casing. 
Just like the Babe Power scent these two are gorgeous scents. They are subtle yet so lovely. The perfect light fragrance. The packaging also is gorgeous & makes it look colourful & stand out. They are a great scent to spray on once you have finished getting ready to ensure you smell goods.
Sensational have just released their first collection of peel off polishes. They are water based colour, high gloss & peel off which makes it super handy! It dries in minutes & doesn't damage nails. It lasts for around 1-2 days so handy when you want to change your nail colour quick.
Sensational have brought out this vegan nail polish which is made up of 85% bio sourced ingredients such as potato, wheat & corn. They come in over 20 gorgeous colours! They truly are perfect for any vegan & cruelty free beauty lover.

I hope you have enjoyed the ideas for the stocking filler's!

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

Friday, 30 November 2018

Be Glow - Skinsense Sonic Cleansing Brush

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are okay & having a good week so far.
The countdown is definitely on now to christmas! The christmas shopping is going well which is always a good thing.

A perfect christmas gift idea I came across for skincare lovers is from Be Glow.

Be Glow have 2 products the Tia or the Pura which are both skincare gadgets.

I have the Pura skinsense sonic cleansing brush & since I started to use it I would not use anything else to help when I cleanse my face.

Cleansing is a vital part of a skincare routine & this makes it more enjoyable & easy. Not only that but it makes sense it deep cleanses your skin which you cannot do just with your hands. 

The Pura removes impurities and make up residue more effectively. It is a small size which is also perfect for traveling as it also comes in a pouch to carry. It has two pulsation rates so you can awake your skin in the morning & then soothe it at night. A full charge of the Pura lasts 6 months which in itself is impressive!

The silicone brush head is replaceable which makes is hygienic & easy to clean. The head is advised to be replaced one a year. 

I could not believe how simple it was to use & how soft & clean it left my skin feeling after using it even for the first time.

You simply:

*Apply your cleanser to your skin 

*Press the control button to start the skin sense. The pulsation starts when the brush touches your face. So just adjust it to your wish.

*Press control button to enter the standard cleansing mode.

*Rinse & dry your face & ensure the clean the head after use.

I really have been so impressed with this little pocket size gadget. It leaves my skin feeling soft & so clean after use. Which you do not get when you just simply use your heads to cleanse.

You can find them at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Ark Skincare

Hello Everyone,

Christmas is definitely on its way now! 
I think the next month or so my blog & Instagram will be packed with some idea's of what you can get people who are beauty product lovers! I am a sucker for new skin care brands so there will definitely be idea's there for you.

Ark skincare is my new beauty find!
Ark is a British skincare brand which just for that reason I love. I love things which are made over here because I always feel it's important to support our own brands. They use bioactive natural ingredients which contain effective vitamins & antioxidants. Ark's skincare range consists of 3 key age specific product lines:

*Teens & 20's
*30's & 40's

Each range supports the specific age range targeting the main skin concerns of that age. All their products are cruelty free, use the best ingredients & suitable for even the most sensitive skin!

For Christmas they are doing the perfect gift set for each age range which come in a bag packed with a number of protects to help your skin.

I got the set for my age range so Teens & 20's which aim is to protect the skin. The set comes which everyday essentials to help cleanse, hydrate, tone & revive your skin.

The set comes with:

Pre Cleanse & Make Up Remover
It is a multi fruit blend which helps dissolve every trace of make up, grim & excess seburn. Grapeseed, Avocado & Kiwi oils help to nourish & protect against dryness also.

Skin Clear Cleanser
This is a gentle yet effective cleanser which is soap free. It contains skin protecting antioxidants & also vitamins.

Hydrating Beauty Mist 
A great skin refresher, which helps to give your skin a boost. The Hyaluronic acid helps to keep the skin hydrated, while the Aloe Vera soothes the skin.

Skin Vitality Moisturiser 
A antioxidant rich moisturiser with an active anti pollution system. It contains Avocado, peach, white tea & Vitamin E.

Skin Protector SPF30 primer 
This primer protects against both UVA & UVB rays. 
It contains active antioxidants which help prevent premature ageing, minimises the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. It is also packed with vitamins, Shea butter & other great ingredients. A perfect lightweight, breathable formula ensures it does clog your pores, leaves your skin feeling soft & hydrated. The perfect make up base!

You can find your perfect christmas skin care sets, or their other products at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

*These items were kindly gifted to me by the brand to review.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Cohorted Beauty Box Subscription

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well & enjoying your week. 
Time at the moment seems to be flying past! I cannot believe how quick christmas is approaching.
Where the hell is time going?

Previously I have signed up to some beauty boxes to try, amongst them the like's of Birchbox, glossybox etc. But I forever found myself paying for it & the box arriving then I wouldn't use half of the products in them. So I stopped having them simply because I felt as though I was wasting money. 

Then I came across CohortedCohorted is the number one premium beauty box. So for your monthly cost you get sent the higher end products which are full sized products which are worth nearly 3 times than the amount of the subscription itself! 

I was lucky enough to be sent a September box to try & I have to say it is easily one of the best beauty boxes I have tried. Simply because you get a range of products, value for money on high end products. They have also been voted no 1 luxury beauty box & loved by Glamour, Vogue & others.

Your monthly subscriptions contain a selection of products which come in an all black box, finished with a black hand tied bow.

The September box came with:

Bellapierre Cosmetics - Contour & Highlight Cream Palette: RRP: £45.00
This is a 6 shade palette which comes with both contour & highlight creams. So there is a shade for everyone. The creams are blendable & easily glide on to your skin. It also comes with a step to step guide for those of you who are not 100% confident on how to use it.

Biocell Moisturising Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask - RRP: £6.00
Biocell are a company from Switzerland which have unique repairing formula's to help give you that radiant skin. This mask helps to restore the skin's moisture balance, nourish the skin, reduce pores & helps to keep your skin subtle & bright. 

Biocell Regenerating Face Mask - RRP: £6.00
Another product from Biocell this mask is suitable for sensitive skin. By using this mask regular it can help ensure your skin is in good condition & help slow down the ageing process. 

Biocell Bright Soothing Eye Mask - RRP: £6.00
This is an intensive soothing eye mask which helps to moisturise, smooth fine wrinkles & lighten dark circles under the eyes. It also contains Hyaluronic acid which restores the balance of moisture, nourishes & helps keep the skin subtle.

Clinque Pop Lip Colour & Primer: Mixed - RRP £10.00
These are lightweight lipsticks which have a velvet finish. They come in a vast amount of colours such as corals, nudes, violets & pinks. Each colour stays put & also moisturises your lips for up to 8 hours. 

Lancome Paris Youth Activating Concentrate 
This is a serum which is great to help give you younger looking & glowing skin. It is suitable for any skin types. It helps target key signs of fine lines, wrinkles etc.

Doucce Freematic Pro Palette 
This is a palette which is made up of:

* 1 highlighter
* 2 Blushers
* 4 Eyeshadow's

Which all comes in a compact palette which is perfect for carrying around in your bag with you on the go. Freematic palette's mean you can build up your own palette's whether it be an eyeshadow or blusher, etc.

Doucce - Matte Temptation Lipstick 
These are highly pigmented lipsticks which easily glide on. They are a rich, creamy texture which gives you a full coverage. The collection covers all shades so they range from reds, to nudes.

So as you can see you get such a selection of products which are such high end products! The subscription is £35 per month but you really do get your money's worth!

Also if you use the discount code:
& you will receive a free gift for signing up.

You can sign up at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Profusion Cosmetics

Hello Everyone,

I am such a sucker for make up! But what girl isn't right? We all couldn't leave without it.
Recently I have found a new brand Profusion Cosmetics

Profusion Cosmetics was built in California nearly 20 years ago with a very select few products. Since then they have made it their mission to provide high quality cosmetics at a great price! They now distribute in countries across the world including over here in the U.K. They have professional quality palettes which have the best colours & such a selection! They are also cruelty free.

There are palette's such as blush & bronzers, brows, eye shadow's, contour, eye & cheek. You name it there is a palette for everyone! 

I was looking enough to try 2 different palette's:

Eye & Cheek 
This palette gives you:

*12 eyeshadow's
*4 blush shades
*2 highlighter's 
*1 pro series brush

It contains literally everything you need to create the perfect eye & blusher look. Both the shadows & blushers are silky & so easy to blend. They give a satin & shimmer finish to give you that glowing look. The eyeshadow's are so pigmented & easy to blend! There literally is a shade for everyone whether you're wanting a peachy look, or a nude kind of tone. The finish to the products is just gorgeous!

Pro Eyes - Professional Beauty Book 
This is literally everything you need to create the perfect eye look! I could not believe how much you get in one thing. They have covered it all for you all in one place. The palette contains:

*Pro Eyes Professional beauty book 
*20 Eyeshadow's
*4 Concealer's
*2 Dual brow powder's
*2 Gel liner's
*1 Eyeshadow primer 
*3 Pro series brushes

Just like the eye & cheek palette the shades are so flattering & give you an ultra-flawless finish. The fact not only does it come with a selection of eyeshadow's to choose from but also brow powders, gel liner, eyeshadow primer & even concealer! The number of different looks you can achieve with this palette is a lot. Whether it's a dramatic look or a natural one you want to achieve. Again there is something for everything whatever you want to achieve.

I could not get over the amount of product & the quality of product you get for your money! You really do get a lot for your money & I love that. Anyone who is looking for a palette Profusion will have something for you or whether it be for someone for christmas. They would make the perfect christmas gift for a make up lover & it won't break the bank.

You can find out more or shop for yours at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

Monday, 29 October 2018

Cinere Skin Care

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a good week so far?
Things are all go at the minute & busy you could say I have a lot of content up & coming especially the closer it gets to Christmas!

Recently I've tried a new skincare range which I wanted to share, Cinere
Cinere was founded in 1997 & has been produced with the highest quality & natural based cosmetic products. They consist of premium quality products that are naturally & ethically sourced ingredients. Their products are kind to even the most sensitive skin & help give you that healthy complexion. They are also manufactured in the U.K which I love.

The 3 products I got to try from their range are the most recommended products to use as part of your daily skin routine.

They are:

Herbal Energising Cleansing Toner
This toner helps to dissolve dirt, excess oil, impurities Water activates the toner which then transforms it into a more milky texture. It is a a soap free cleanser that is perfect to use as part of your daily skin routine. It cleanses your skin without taking away the skin's moisture. It also helps to unclog pores & reduce blackheads & pimples.

To use:
*Apply to your hands or cotton wool
*Gently massage into the skin & rinse well or wipe off.

100% Natural Cleansing Milk
This is an alternative to a cleanser. It is an oil in water kind of texture. The cleansing milk helps to gently lift dirt & make up without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It also helps to leave your skin feeling supple & hydrated.

To use: 
*Apply to your hands or cotton wool
*Gently massage into the skin in circular motions.
*Rinse with warm water or wipe off with cotton wool

Hydra Plus Timeless Moisturising cream 
This moisturiser is perfect for combination skin. It helps to keep your skin hydrated. This product contains a bioactive moisturising complex. It contains Argan oil, rice brain oil & yeast extract. Which helps to rehydrate the skin. 

To use:
*Apply to the face & neck each morning 
*Apply in circular movements until absorbed

I love the quality of the products & how they left my skin feeling after use. It definitely feels more hydrated & fresh.

You can find out more about Cinere skin care or purchase them at:

They are also available to purchase at Selfridges, John Bell & Croyden.

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Magnitone London - Blend it up

Hello Everyone,

I hope your week is going well so far.
Once again the week is flying past, i think the week's all roll in to one after a while.

I am such a huge lover of anything make up related & any make up tools which can make my life easier.

I have seen several of Magnitone's products & wanted to give them a try so I was happy when I was given the chance to try their Blend Up vibra-sonic make up blending brush.

Magnitone London make product's that help to naturally condition. They believe every part of you should look & feel bursting with life. They create skin care products from cleanser brushes to pedicure tools. 

Blend Up helps to flawlessly blend make up whilst stimulating the skin for a more natural look & healthier finish to your make up.The Blend up glides over the skin with over 200 vibra-sonic movements per second to give you that airbrushed, soft natural look. Also without clumping, clogging pores & streaks.

The brush was created under the expert Paul Herrington. Its head has been designed to blend, contour, tint, blush & bronze your make up to airbrush your skin. It also has a biomaster antibacterial protection to help prevent cross contamination & unwanted breakouts.

It can be used with any power & liquid make up, it has a smart travel power lock to help prevent unwanted battery drainage. The USB charger means just 2 hours charge gives you 100 minutes use. Not only that but it has 2 speeds & a cleaning mode which is perfect.

To begin with I was a bit unsure of how I felt about a battery powered make up brush especially to apply foundation with. But after just the first use of the brush I was sold! I could not believe the finish it gave my skin. It made pores less visible & still left my skin feeling soft. Not only that but it left it with a clear appearance & not streaky. It literally does take make up application to another level.

I really cannot wait to try some more of their products & see what amazing results they give!

You can find out more about Magnitone & their products at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox