Thursday, 25 August 2016

Oh so personal!

Today I could not be anymore excited to get home from work & open my post!
As I knew what had arrived for me! I felt just like a kid at Christmas!

Recently I have fallen in love with literally anything personalised. You name it you now seem to be able to get anything personalised. Bags, make up cases, phone cases, keyrings, almost anything.
I purchased a phone case a little while ago now which has my initials on it & I absolutely love it!
I think it looks lovely especially with the little heart that's on it too. It's a cute little personal touch & it's obviously something not everyone has what with my very own initials on it & that I love.

So when I came across a page on Instagram which does more personalised things I was very happy!
The company is called DS London. The company is based in London & all items are hand crafted all in Britain! For me that's something unique you cannot say many things are both locally & also made in Britain these days. Most are from China or whatever so to me this was even more of a great thing.
All items are hand made & crafted individually. So not one item is the same. You can pick up personalised leather Keyrings, leather bags, card holders & other items are soon being added to their collection. But they are all beautiful pieces! I love the bags too! All the items I find are not only lovely to look at but also look very classy & elegant. A must have in my eyes. 

Looking through their Instagram to me helped me get an idea of what the company offered & I was very interested in that. Their Instagram page showcased their items so well & they all look so good! 

When I opened my package today after work I was in love! 
At the time of ordering I was stuck on what colour to purchase because they all looked so good & all the colours would go with anything. But in the end I decided after help & advice from a friend. Yes thank you Steph :) 
I went for mink, a nice simple colour but also classy & a colour that goes with a lot & is better than a boring black or tan. I think it helps make the writing stand out better too. The quality of the keyring is just beautiful. I am so so happy with it & glad I got it to go with my car key & house key. Let's face it keys can be hard to find in your bag once you put them in there. Especially with that large size bags I have. This keyring will definitely help me find my keys easier. That's definitely a bonus, not only that but it will also look good on a bag, or on my keys. 

I just love love the fact it goes so well with my phone case! 
So pleased with this! It's the little things you could say. 

The people who I contacted at the company have been so lovely & kind to me. Such amazing customer service & to me that's so important. 
They have even been so kind as to give me a code to offer you lot a discount! 
If you use the discount code: CM10 on their website you can receive a discount on your purchase! So don't miss out. 

Check them out: 
Instagram: dslondonhq

But don't forget to use the discount code to get your discount! 
I definitely look forward to purchasing more from them in the future! 

Take care 
Love Lottie xox

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